Fine custom 1911's; built with pride, by hand, one at a time.

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About Me 

Like many boys of my generation, I fell in love with the "Colt .45 automatic" watching old war movies. There was just something about the looks of the 1911 that we found appealing. When I was older, I learned more about John Browning and his wonderful designs, but the 1911 always remained special. ​

After buying my first 1911, an Officer's Model, I discovered what many had before me. The "stock" 1911 design had a few things that made it a little less than user friendly. So, after being bitten by the hammer a few times, fumbling with the tiny pad on the thumb safety or slide release, and tiring of trying to use the original sights, I began "customizing" my gun. Now, 20+ years down the road, I still love the design. I still love building and working on Browning's wonderful "Model of 1911". ​