Fine custom 1911's; built with pride, by hand, one at a time.

Unique, high quality weapons.

Every G Square 1911 is a fine custom pistol.

Each one is hand-built to the customer's specific requirements using the best parts on the market today. 

Hand work on each G Square 1911 includes; lapping the slide to the frame, fitting the barrel and bushing, and fitting/polishing of all internal parts. Final polishing of the slide, frame, and external parts is by hand and done to the customer's specific request. Checkering can be done either by hand or machine as desired.

My guns are built with pride and, I hope, will be a source of pride for the owner. I'm a one-man operation and keep my orders at a small enough number to allow me to give each pistol the attention it deserves. I'd love to build one for you.